Dahab, Sinai Excursions

Dahab, Sinai Excursions
Big selection of Siani touring from Dahab, Excursions and Red Sea tripping. Discover Egypt and Jordan sightseeing spots while in Dahab, enjoy the adventure with Bedouins of Sinai and the awesome Red Sea underwater world activities.

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St. Catherine & Moses Mountain Tour From Dahab

Dahab Overnight hiking excursion to Mount Sinai & St. Catherine Monastery. Adventure and spritual trip climbing Moses Mountain & touring St. Catherine Monastery Privately From Dahab.
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Sinai Colored Canyon Safari Trip From Dahab

Private safari adventure excursion takes you across Sinai desert going to the Colored Canyon. Enjoy the colours and forms of rocks in Sinai famous Canyon then stop at Nuwibaa for lunch, see Bedouins tents & houses before driving back to Dahab.
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Cairo Flights Excursion From Dahab

Private Cairo Day Excursion by Plane to the Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids, Solar Boat Museum, River Nile and Giza Plateau. Sightseeing trip to the top tourist spots in Cairo From Dahab.
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Luxor Day Tour By Plane From Dahab

Private Excursion By Plane to Visit Luxor East & West Banks Temples & Tombs of Luxor. Fly to The Valley of Kings in Luxor, Hatshepsut & the Karnak Temples enjoying Felucca Ride Trip in the River Nile.
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Petra Excursion By Boat From Dahab

Travel to the Red Rose City of Petra From Dahab Hotels on Daily Excursion. Board a Ferry Boat to admire the Great Treasury, Royal Tombs, as well as hundreds of monuments & obelisks of Petra Jordan then back to Dahab.
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Cairo 2 Days Trip By Plane From Dahab

Cairo & Giza Overnight Private Travel Package By Plane, 2 Days Round Air Excursion to Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, SaKKara, Old Cairo & Felucca Ride in On Nile River.
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Cairo & Luxor 2 Days Tour By Plane From Dahab

Round Excursion By plane to Cairo & Luxor. 2 days of magical sightseeing in Egypt top attractions in Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx, karnak & Luxor Temples, Valley of Kings.
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